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Recruitment and search for franchise partners

Recruitment of qualified recipients of franchise means a qualified and responsible building of franchise system. Provider of the franchise has the responsibility for the franchise and the development of the system. For these reasons, the acquisition of franchise recipients is the condition for its success. The provider must build a system with appropriate care.

It is known that the Murphy’s Las can be applied to the franchise systems - what can go wrong will also go wrong. It should however be understood as a challenge and not as intimidation. Bad or non-acquisition of the franchise recipients under this law will always return like a boomerang. Multiplication of the business idea in the franchise system always means a multiplication of the problem. Poor acquisition will always be a multiple system problem. This risk could be avoided or at least reduced.

We have extensive experience with franchise partner recruitment and development of franchise networks.

Our services in this area include:

  • Development of appropriate forms and documents
  • Preparation of detailed profile of Franchisee
  • Development and implementation of marketing plan
  • Creation of franchise marketing materials (brochure franchise)
  • Interviews with prospective franchisees
  • Ongoing information to candidates
  • Assistance to those interested in the preparation of business plan
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