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Further terms in franchising

Franchise - license (right) justifying the Franchisee to operate the marketing concept of the franchisor in his or her own name and own account

Franchisor – provider of the franchise

Franchisee - Franchise recipient

Franchise agreement - long-term agreement governing the basic relationship between franchisor and franchisee

Franchise Package - set of rights, knowledge and additional benefits provided by the franchisor, it  allows to operate franchise

Franchise fees - fees paid by the  franchisee

Franchise Network - linking business and organization of the franchisor and its franchisees,  coordinated and supported by the franchise headquarters

Master franchising – franchising in a  country operated internationally

Master Franchise - franchise license for the territory of a foreign country (usually for the entire territory)

Master Franchisor - the concept of granting the franchise abroad

Master Franchisee - local franchise holder of the license granted by foreign franchisor

Master franchise agreement - an agreement governing the basic relationship between the master franchisor and master franchisee 

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